As an educational consultant, Tommi works with parents whose child may or may not have an educational, emotional, or behavioral disability. She assists parents in developing and implementing a plan which promotes social, emotion, and behavioral, as well as academic, development. Being aware of the many educational opportunities in our community, she supports and guides parents in evaluating their options for carrying out this plan.

Often, parents are not familiar with how their school system works or what the education laws require from the system regarding the education of children with special needs. Tommi will assist parents in advocating for their child to assure the student receives his or her full rights under the law.

To assist in creating and implementing the educational plan, Tommi gathers data from various sources, including educational records, classroom observations, and educational, medical, and/or psychological evaluations and treatment plans. She interprets these into educational services and techniques for use in the student's classroom. She uses her skills to obtain appropriate classroom placement for the student, as well as to assist in developing an IEP or 504 plan containing the goals and classroom modifications needed to educate the student with special needs.

Behavior Management

Working together, Tommi helps the teacher modify the student's daily environment to enhance learning with minimal disruptions to the teacher's routine. She emphasizes behavior management techniques, as well as practical, hands-on activities and strategies, to assist teachers in maximizing the potential of these students in the classroom.

Tommi also works closely with other professionals in the community who are involved with serving the family. The information she shares about the student's school setting is often useful in helping the professional and the family set and meet reasonable goals for the child's behavior and education. Meeting goals provides shared success as a positive reinforcement for all members of the family.

Tommi encourages teamwork betweeen families and the school system to give the student the opportunity to achieve within the educational system. Her skills help the family, the student and their therapists, tutors, and teachers work toward this common goal.

In addition, for the last twenty years, Tommi Badger has worked with teachers in workshop settings and individual consultation sessions, focusing on techniques for classroom and behavior management for groups and individuals. Her goal is always to maximize the potential of all students by supporting teachers in building their skills, especially in the areas of providing structure, building good teacher-student relationships, and behavior management.

Tommi West Badger, M. Ed., has twenty-six years of experience in education to help families, students, and teachers deal with the many challenges that arise when educating a child, especially a child with a disability. She is ready to assist you in reaching positive solutions to these challenges.

Education Therapy

Tommi does Education Therapy (specialized tutoring) with individual students. She works with them on pre-academic (developmental) and academic skills. She uses specialized strategies and materials to address areas impacted by the child's communication, as well as social, emotional, behavioral, sensory, and academic needs.