When parents feel overwhelmed by their child's educational needs, they are often confused and frustrated when dealing with the education system. They may also feel isolated from others in their community by what they believe to be their unique problems. They need someone to explain and clarify the issues, help them develop an educational plan, and prevent or reduce any tension between the family and the school system. They need a "translator" and an emotional support as they work their way through the "education maze."

Tommi Badger is an Education Consultant with over forty years of experience working with children who have learning and/or behavioral differences. For the last twenty plus years she has consulted with families and schools about plans to educate and/or manage the behavior of these children. After familiarizing herself with the child and the educational situation. Tommi meets with parents to recommend and to formulate with them a plan to support their child's education. She then is available to accompany the parents to administration, teacher, 504, and/or IEP meetings.

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    As an educational consultant, Tommi works with parents whose child may or may not have an educational, emotional, or behavioral disability. She assists parents in developing and implementing a plan which promotes social, emotion, and behavioral, as well as academic, development.

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