What Professionals Are Saying

I have known Tommi for 30+ years and worked professionally with her for 15+ years. Her ability to work with a wide variety of educational and behavioral concerns related to children is her most important asset. She works exceptionally well with all school systems in the surrounding area, negotiating the most advantageous approach for children to succeed in school. She also works wonderfully well with children on an individual basis, addressing literacy and behavioral issues. She Works equally well with verbal and nonverbal children and physically or behaviorally challenged children. Her detailed understanding of Exceptional Children legislation makes her invaluable to parents in helping them understand their options and setting reasonable, yet high, expectations for their children.
- Gail Fennimore, PT, PCS, C/NDT - Physical Therapist
I've had the pleasure of working with Tommi for well over a decade. She's been invaluable to the clients we have shared. Ia ppreciate and respect Tommi's vast knowledge of special education, law, and interventions that are the most relevant and effective for students with special needs. She brings warmth, expertise, and experience to her work every day. Tommi is a trusted advocate for students and their parents in IEP meetings, who also excels at bridging the gap between testing and implementation of accommodations in the classroom. She is an excellent resource for teachers and is a wonderful tutor for students with all kinds of needs. I highly recommend her!
- Child Psychologist
I first met Tommi when she was hired by parents to observe their son in my class. I immediately discovered that she was both respectful of the children in the class (not just the boy she was observing), as well as the teachers and the parents. The recommendations that Tommi offered were valuable, not only for working with him, but also for many others in the class as well. As a result of this very positive experience, I frequently called on Tommi when I was puzzled by a child in the class, and the school hired her to help with children in other classes as well.
- Teacher
Having worked extensively with Ms. Badger in my role as a private specialty school administrator, I can affirm her wealth of professional knowledge and commitment to her students.
She has the ability to successfully work with school staff to design appropriate programs as well as assist with transition plans from one school to another.
Her knowledge and experience can benefit schools looking to find students to fit their profiles, as well as students who are well served by proper placement.
- Former Head of Private School

What Parents Are Saying

I believe that every child is a shining star and needs the appropriate support to achieve their goals.
Acknowledging that your child has special needs is the first step in taking action towards their success. The problem sometimes lies not with the child's special needs, but obtaining the services that may be available for them to achieve their goals. At times, this can almost appear hopeless.
When moving to North Carolina almost 5 years ago, my struggle for my child's success became unbearable with the school district's reluctance with acknowledging my child's disability and accommodations and modifications required for his success.
I was extremely fortunate to have made enough contacts who placed me in touch with Tommi Badger. Tommi provides a wealth of information for consideration. She is well informed on active programs for many disabilities, resources available within school districts, accommodations and modifications available, numerous school district procedures, as well as state procedures and laws. I am proud to say that my child is now starting high school, and continues to show great progress. There are many people who played a part in this success story, but the person who stood by us through it all was Tommi Badger.
Anyone who is fortunate enough to have Tommi Badger as a team member is in for setting their child up for a future of unlimited opportunities. The sky is the limit for Tommi Badger and your child is the "shining star."
- Kim Jones
Tommi's experience as an educational consultant has been essential to helping our son.
Tommi has attended every IEP meeting, and had attended many informal parent meetings. Her experience and knowledge of North Carolina Law as it relates to a student's rights, as well as her excellent ideas relating to developing educational plans, and behavioral plans, has helped our son immensely. She has helped us make sure he receives the help and attention he deserves, and has acted as an advocate and educator on our son's behalf when communicating with teachers and school administration.
Whenever I have a dilemma concerning my son's education, in particular as it relates to school, teachers, grades, behavioral issues, and social situations, I consult with Tommi and she always has helpful and effective suggestions, so that we can help our son in the best possible way. Currently, Tommi is instrumental in helping us decide which middle school is best suited for our child.
Tommi has served our son in Education Therapy (specialized tutoring). She helps him with academic communication and higher thinking skills. Her strategies help our son learn skills and information that he was unable to learn with standard presentations. Tommi has formed a warm, respectful, supportive relationship with our son. He knows Tommi cares for him and understands his reaction to various situations. This allows Tommi to counsel him on issues that arise in school and at home.
Tommi is a unique combination of special education teacher, educational consultant, advocate, and behavioral consultant.
- Andrea Hollander
I am very pleased to be able to provide my endorsement of Tommi Badger, M Ed.
We were referred to Ms. Badger by an astute teacher when our son began experiencing difficulties as he transitioned from kindergarten to first grade. Calmly and purposefully, Ms. Badger began to assess and make sense of the difficulties our son was experiencing. Through interview and classroom observation, as well as referrals to and input from other relevant professionals, she developed a team and a plan for classroom management with our son's teachers. She introduced us to the world of IEP's, and with the support of the team she had assembled, provided the assessments documenting the necessity and benefit of an IEP for our son. As a first-time parent, I had been feeling completely lost and isolated in dealing with a very unhappy child, as well as an educational environment that was beginning to feel adversarial. Ms. Badger has the expertise and experience to advocate for an assist families with navigating systems that may or may not be open to making the accommodations mandated by an IEP. I have appreciated her honesty and candor with regard to our son, as well as her quiet but absolute determination to advocate for his best interest. She has always been there when we have needed her. Our son has embraced a love of learning and has transitioned from an IEP to a 504 plan. He will graduate this coming June with honors and with a 504 plan in place that will follow him into college. I truly believe this would not be happening without having had Ms. Badger as an integral part of his academic career.
- Rosann Sarka
At four years old, my son was identified ADHD with Dysgraphia and other learning disabilities. I'd hired other consultants to help his teachers work with him, but despite claiming to understand Montessori, the recommendations given were completely inappropriate. For example, "have the teacher make a mark on the blackboard whenever he talks out of turn." Montessori doesn't have blackboards, and doesn't require that children raise their hands to talk. So once I'd experienced Tommi's value in my own (Montessori) class, I hired her to help with my son.
Every year after that, I called on Tommi when my son began a new school year. By eighth grade, he was identified Twice-Exceptional, which opened a whole new world of advocacy, and Tommi was invaluable through all of that. And her contribution didn't end with high school. My son is now in college, and Tommi helped us make that transition, guiding us in requesting appropriate accommodations.
I can't say enough good things about her. I've experienced Tommi from the perspective of a teacher and of a parent, and in both I found her to be helpful, respectful, diplomatic, caring, and knowledgeable. I recommend her anytime I meet someone in need of her services. And it's amazing how often I find myself telling others "something I learned from my son's Education Consultant is . . . ." Suffice it to say that Tommi has made a dramatic impact on my life and on my son's. (And he adores her, by the way)
- Carla McGrath